Bosco Lab

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Open Positions

Post-doctoral positions available:

Please send your CV, cover letter and 3 references to Dr. Bosco ([email protected]). 

Eligibility: Applicants should have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree with expertise and interests that are complementary to this lab. We have projects focused on SOD1, FUS and PFN1 that entail techniques such as mass spectrometry, iPSC culture, protein chemistry, cell biology and in vivo (mouse) work. Applicants with a different background to this lab should describe their motivation for changing fields/disciplines in their cover letter. Applicants seeking a second post-doc position are welcomed to apply, however applicants should be within 5 years of their PhD (or MD) graduation date.

Available Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral projects:

1.    Purification and characterization of antibodies that recognize ‘misfolded’ disease-associated proteins. The goal is to develop these   

      antibodies for immunotherapy to treat the disease. Methods include recombinant protein expression and purification, and ELISA. Future 

      methods may entail delivery of antibodies to a preclinical mouse model.

2.   Investigating the mechanism of a novel ALS target that was discovered through a RNAi screen. Methods include cell culture work, 

      possibly with patient iPSCs, and proteomics via mass spectrometry with the UMMS proteomics core facility. 

3.   Investigating the mechanism of FUS association with stress granules. Using a pharmacological approach to modulate candidate 

      pathways and study the effect on FUS incorporation into stress granules. Methods include cell culture and fluorescence microscopy, 

      possibly with patient iPSCs. 

4.   Investigating the toxicity of SOD1 proteins in vivo. Methods include recombinant protein expression and purification and animal work 

      (e.g., surgery, behavioral analyses, histological analyses, etc.).