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Open Positions

We have open positions for projects involving:

Disease modeling with human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).
In order to understand the mechanism(s) underlying neurodegeneration, we are differentiating human iPSCs with disease-linked mutations into disease-relevant cell types such as motor neurons and microglia. Cells are assessed with various functional and biochemical assays, as well as with genomic and proteomic profiling experiments.

Investigating the effects of disease-linked mutations on protein structure, function and solubility. 
Our lab is interested in understanding how disease-linked mutations perturb the structure, function and solubility of the protein. Recombinant proteins are expressed and characterized using various approaches within our lab. For example, we are currently studying the liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) properties of ALS and FTD-linked proteins. We are also studying the structure and dynamics of these proteins through collaborations with Core facilities (X-ray crystallography) and collaborators (NMR spectroscopy). 

Translating basic science into potential therapies for ALS.
We have recently developed and characterized biologics that target toxic species involved in ALS pathogenesis.  Next, we will test the therapeutic efficiency of these biologics in disease-relevant models such as iPSC-derived neurons and ALS mice. 

To apply, please send names of three references along with your cover letter and CV to

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